My name is Sofia Romualdo and I am from Porto, Portugal, where I currently work and study. I'm a curator in training and researcher. My main interests lie within contemporary art (with an emphasis on photography), the intersection of high art and popular culture, and games applied to contemporary art museums, which is the theme I am currently focusing on for my Master's thesis.

I've had an eclectic education that included science, art history, art criticism, curating, conservation and research. I worked for a few years as a freelance photographer, and I'm also very interested in languages. I'm a native Portuguese speaker and am now learning my fourth foreign language, Mandarin, after English, Spanish and French. I am currently taking my Master's degree in Museology and Curatorial Studies at the Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade do Porto (Faculty of Arts at the University of Porto).

On this website you can find some of my photographic projects. I also have a blog, where I share writing and updates on my various interests, and a LinkedIn profile. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook. I am a big fan of social media and am active in several communities, including BookLikesFlickr and Foodspotting.

I recently started a new project called The Curious Curator, a website + webseries about art, culture and exhibitions. Check out my videos on Youtube.

I also keep an online curatorial project (using the Tumblr platform) called Delirium EphemerisA collection of found images on the boundaries between reality and dream, an intersection of the other-wordly and the ephemeral.