• Território e Comunidade: da Fábrica Pátria à Casa da Memória de Guimarães

    Exhibition catalogue for Casa da Memória de Guimarães. Contributed with an essay about the curatorial research and development process for the exhibition space.
  • Books become films and films become games – stories can now be told without limits

    Article on The Conversation about Final Fantasy XV and contemporary storytelling. https://theconversation.com/books-become-films-and-films-become-games-stories-can-now-be-told-without-limits-57463
  • Videogame Art and the Legitimation of Videogames by the Art World

    Paper that aims to give a perspective of Videogame art, and explore its role in the legitimation process of the videogame medium by the art world. Published and presented at xCoAx 2015 at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian: Infinite Possibility. Mirror Works and Drawings 1974-2014

    Contributed to the exhibition catalogue with a detailed timeline that situates the artist’s personal and artistic trajectory within the broader context of contemporaneous historical, social and cultural events worldwide.
  • Playable Art: Towards the Legitimization of Videogames as an Art Form

    Paper about the process of legitimization of videogames as a form of art, published and presented at the Videojogos 2014 - Conference of Science and Art of Video Games at Barcelos, Portugal.
  • Play, Games and Gamification in Contemporary Art Museums

    Master's thesis. This dissertation aimed to explore the rationale for the increasing use of play, games and gamification in contemporary art museums, as well as discuss their possible benefits and drawbacks, and give useful insight into the development of game technologies for museums.